A package of Azalia contraceptives

  • Contains 75μg desogestrel and no oestrogen¹
  • AZALIA® is GMS Reimbursed²
  • Oestrogen-free progestogen-only contraceptive pill¹
  • Indicated for the prevention of pregnancy in women who elect to use an oral contraceptive with no oestrogen¹
  • Inhibits ovulation and increases the viscosity of the cervical mucus¹
  • Reliable, highly effective and well tolerated oral contraceptive when taken correctly¹
  • AZALIA® has a Pearl Index of 0.4¹
  • Side effects associated with combined oral contraceptives may be reduced or ameliorated by taking an oestrogen-free pill such as AZALIA®3
  • In a clinical trial 85–87% of women indicated that they would continue to use 75μg desogestrel at the end of the trial3
  • AZALIA® has a 12-hour missed pill window¹
  • AZALIA® is taken continuously as a 28 day treatment regime¹

AZALIA® is suitable for use in the following patient groups:4,5

  • Women of all ages including breast feeding women
  • Women with a BMI of ≥35 kg/m2
  • Women who smoke
  • Women who experience oestrogen-related side effects on COCs
  • Women who suffer from hypertension
  • Women with a family history of venous thromboembolism
  • Women with endometriosis


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IE-OCS-736 Date of preparation: June 2021

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