Elvina® – Bioequivalent to Yasmin®

Packet of Elvina contraceptives

  • Contains 0.03mg ethinylestradiol and 3mg drospirenone, exactly the same active ingredients as Yasmin®¹-² 
  • Indicated for the prevention of pregnancy in women who elect to use an oral contraceptive¹
  • Inhibits ovulation & causes changes in the endometrium¹
  • Contains drospirenone which exhibits both antiandrogenic & antimineralocorticoid properties¹
  • Drospirenone has a pharmacological profile resembling the natural hormone progesterone¹
  • Is highly effective when taken correctly & consistently¹-⁴
  • ELVINA® has a Pearl Index of 0.57¹
  • Contains soya lecithin – patients with allergies to soya or peanut should not be prescribed ELVINA®1
  • ELVINA® is non GMS reimbursed

ELVINA® is suitable for use in the following patient groups:⁵-⁶

  • Women who want autonomy and control over their menstrual cycle
  • Women aged up to 50 years with no other medical conditions
  • Women with a BMI of ≤34kg/m2 who do not smoke
  • Women ≥6 months postpartum if fully breast feeding
  • Women ≥6 weeks postpartum if not breast feeding
  • Women with dysmenorrhoea who have an irregular, heavy or prolonged bleeding pattern
  • Women with endometriosis


1. Elvina® SmPC
2. Yasmin® SmPC
available at www.medicines.ie
3. MIMS Ireland (August 2017) ‘Contraception’ MPI Media Ltd, Dublin.
4. Krattenmacher, R. 2000 Drospirenone: pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of a unique progestogen. Contraception. 2000 Jul;62(1):29-38.
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6. Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (FSRH). UK Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use. UKMEC 2016. London: FSRH, 2016.

IE/OCS/0817/0058c Date of preparation: July 2018

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