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We all lead busy, hectic lives and the last thing you want is to forget to take your contraceptive pill.

The reminder application “My OC IRL” can be downloaded for free onto your smartphone or tablet device.

Once the app is installed and launched on your phone, you can use the settings to:

  • Select your prescribed pill
  • Choose your pill start date
  • Enter your preferred daily reminder time
  • Customize your reminder message if they want it to be discrete
  • Set a pin to secure the app and keep it private

The app will then provide you with the following features:

  • A daily reminder to take your pill.
  • Reminders are shown at the selected time, as well as after 1 and 2 hours after the selected time.
  • Your pill taking history which includes taken and missed pills.
  • Every month you will get two messages to remind you to check you have a new pill strip for the following month or to get a new pack of contraceptive pills if required.

It is important that you read the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) for your contraceptive medicine . This can be found inside your pack of oral contraceptive pills or by clicking on your contraceptive pill from the home screen of the website here. knowyourcontraceptives.ie/home-patient/

Information placed on this digital platform is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your healthcare professional. Please consult your doctor or nurse for further information.

IE/OCS/0817/0057u Date of preparation: July 2018

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